Trading service

Tailor made
Data Driven


We offer comprehensive trading management services to companies lacking local expertise in building a trading team. Our services include:

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Analyzing and optimizing data feeds to align with the sportsbook, maximizing profits while ensuring sales growth

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Crafting customized odds compilation for markets, creating a unique customer experience and allowing operators to cater to local preferences

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Providing strategic input to increase business and customers' Lifetime Value, such as offering special odds for major tournaments or competitions based on thorough benchmarking

Risk management

Our risk management services encompass two key activities:

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Reacting to liabilities by analyzing market trends and taking appropriate measures

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 Tracking and profiling clients based on their betting patterns

Local product and local trading

We specialize in creating, trading, and settling special markets tailored to specific countries or specific requests from our clients' marketing teams. Our local trading expertise enables us to develop trading strategies customized for the various countries in which our clients operate, addressing diverse needs such as taxation, profit objectives, and market share.