About Us

TradingLab is an Italian company specialized in Sportsbook Trading Service, providing tailor-made solutions.

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Tech spirit

Established in 2010, we have evolved into the tech industry, developing TODD, our innovative trading tool that leverages the expertise of our traders. Through our joint venture with Wall Street Football and the launch of WSF Odds, we have also become a global leader in player props.

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Our founders are professionals with extensive international experience across three continents, covering various aspects of the business, including trading, risk management, product development, and online and retail operations. In a rapidly automating industry, where many companies are progressing slowly, TradingLab aims to bridge the skills gap.

Human touch

While automation offers cost and time-saving benefits, we believe that combining these tools with the expertise of skilled professionals can unlock enhanced performance and increased profitability. We understand that human input is crucial in delivering unique and exceptional products to our clients.

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